A million miles from cold, draughty classrooms - imagine studying in a warm cosy place, your favourite music playing in the background and as many hot drinks as you like.andnbsp; If that sounds like something youandrsquo;d be interested in, let me take you through the ins and outs of home learning with some tips to help you succeed.
Keeping control
Many people are looking for ways to gain the qualifications they need without being burdened by long-term student debts. Add that to increasing access to the internet at home and you have some explanation as to the rising popularity of distance learning courses. Other reasons for choosing home study courses are as varied as the people taking the courses, but for many itandrsquo;s because this kind of learning fits around other demands on their time and energy, they can go at their own pace and they donandrsquo;t have to stop earning money to do it.


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